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With COVID-19 hot on the scene causing very serious health and economic ramifications, getting creative has never been more important. Not only for business, but for the soul. We must keep going. Not only to survive, but the thrive! Below are 5 ways we have helped clients in the past, as well as some new ways we have adapted to meet the current market conditions. Let us know which ones you have tried, which ones you like, and which ones we can help you with.

1. Animation

One of the most obvious and effective ways to produce content when shooting live action is becoming more difficult is to animate! We work with top freelancing professionals in the entertainment and marketing industries to create everything from 2D animations to 3D renderings. As this discipline continues to evolve we progress with it and love to share our new ideas with anyone who will listen. Pro Tip: Did you know that Shuster Productions has written original comedy music that contributed to a Webby win? Spice up your animations with an original animated music video! These are great for setting your brand apart from the rest and help tremendously with recall.

2. Repurposing Pre-Existing Content

Repurposing content for new platforms, additional messaging and newer aesthetics can be extremely efficient. Whether it's taking originally broadcasted materials or OOH assets and using them in a new light, the possibilities are endless! Try testing different lengths, new copy, or applying a completely unique look. We can help you strategize, develop and produce new and exciting content from work you've already done to help maximize your bang for the buck and get more mileage out of assets you've already created.

3. Motion Graphics, GIFs and CINEMAGRAPHS

From experience animating non motion elements for the world's largest movie studio, Warner Bros, we are able to bring to life many of your assets that would normally remain static and help them pop! It's no secret that motion and video repeatedly perform better than static images (Hubspot). We can increase your campaign performance with subtle but powerful motion tweaks.

4. Stop Motion

Stop motion animation is one of the most underutilized yet powerful way to portray certain types of products. We've helped companies like Disney do this to great success! One of the most exciting things about this approach is that due to Hollywood being out of work, we have access to some of the best crew out there! This type of production can be done remotely and with small crews.

5. Testimonials

Whether you take the "Netflix Approach" and mail out iPhones to talent to self-record or you use a stable web app to record the conversation, your customers still have their stories to tell about how much they love your product and services. Remote interviewing is nothing new and seen daily on news and talk shows. We can help arrange the best setup to be safe and save costs without sacrificing quality. We've partnered with a top testimonial firm during these unprecedented times to ensure our clients receive the best service possible. Here's an example of a testimonial done with participants around the country:

If we can help you in any way, reach out for a free consultation. Together we can do amazing things, even during times of change!

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